Do you use Facebook?  In just a matter of days, March 30th to be exact, your profile or business page will be automatically switched to the new Timeline format.  Is your profile or business page ready?

9 Changes You Need to Be Aware of Right Away When Your Facebook Page Changes to Timeline:

  1. Facebook is giving you more real estate with a Cover Image that you can put front and center.  The dimensions of this are 851×315 pixels (the image you use for this must be at least 399 pixels wide)  One thing to note, you cannot use a call to action (Like, Order, Call, etc) in this image.
  2. Default Landing Tabs are out.
  3. You can pin a post to stay at the top of your wall for up to 7 days.
  4. You can highlight posts by spreading them across both columns of the page.
  5. You can go back in time and add milestones to your Timeline on the assigned date.  The new addition will also go out into your fans’ news feeds.
  6. You can now use Interest Lists to encourage your fans to join.  This will help deliver the content people are most interested in to their news feeds.
  7. Tabs are now Apps or Views and there are a maximum of 12.
  8. You can still use fan-gating with third party apps and drive Facebook or outside traffic to that specific URL.
  9. The Like button turns to Liked when you click it on someone’s page.  (This is also where you sign up for Interest Lists.)
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