text messaging for restaurantsNow that summer is upon us, people are more apt to wander around any local town, browsing restaurant menus in the windows until they find something that strikes their fancy.  More often that not however, the group cannot decide on where to go or what to eat so they often end up entering the restaurant that happens to be the last doorway they come to out of sheer frustration.

Well, if you’re that last doorway that’s great news.  However, menu browsers often visit 3-6 doorways before sitting down to a meal.  What’s a good way to entice those sidewalk wanderers?  It’s simple really.  Make it a no-brainer for them to come in.

Today, it’s easy to use text messaging to lure customers into your restaurant.  You can do this boldly as this burger restaurant has done, or you can add it to your window or menu so that people deciding on a place to dine will see it and interact.

Hungry potential diners will text special keyword, such as BURGER to a specific number.  This automated system will then reply back to them with your unique offer.  There are lots of offers you can make, of course the better the offer, the more people will participate and be seated as your paying guest.  Make sure the perceived value is strong and watch customers walk through your doors.

Even if they wander off to the next doorway, odds are that text message with your strong offer will bring them back to fill your dining room.

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