Build it and they will come is no longer the case when it comes to a website (hasn’t been for a long time).  And while having information about your company on your site is important, the next generation of websites – commonly referred to as Web 2.0, are designed to engage the site visitor and provide interaction vs. being a static online brochure.

Here is a quick list of Web 2.0 Characteristics:

1.  Interactive – to encourage visitors to sign-up, inquire, buy, download or click further

2.  Fresh – designed to keep new news front and center

3.  Informative – websites are repositories of great information and allowing your visitors to use your site as a place to research, learn and educate themselves is what it’s all about

4.  Less cluttered –  gone are the days of hugely complex navigation – the simpler you can make it, the better

5.  Pertinent – long winded, lengthy copy is out and short, vibrant copy is what visitors want

6.  Organized – companies and organizations often have a lot of information to present to various audiences who use the site, the key is organizing it so that each unique audience can quickly connect with section(s) that pertain to them

If your site was built, even two years ago, there is likely a wealth of opportunity that exist within its pages.  If we can help you take your website 2.0, please let us know.  We love to have Marketing Checkup session to reveal your hidden opportunities.