The Situation

A-One Moving & Storage has a large warehouse that was sitting nearly empty.  Facing a declining real estate market, household moves had dropped considerably and it was time to devote attention to the revenue opportunity that lied within the empty storage bays in the warehouse.   The company turned to Pro Marketing Matters to develop a marketing strategy to fill those empty bays.

The Solutionmarketing solutions

A targeted, grass-roots marketing strategy was developed targeting realtors and their client bases.  First, a new logo and brand was developed.  Next, a marketing package was developed which simultaneously reached realtors and their homeowners who were listing their homes for sale.  The marketing package included a large, eye-catching envelope, rack card to explain the service to the realtors and a kit for them to give to their new listings.  Within that kit was a brochure which explained Clutter Crates to the homeowner, a rate sheet and large post-it note stickers for them to use to identify only the pieces to be moved into storage.

The Results

Within 3 months, the warehouse was full and realtors were clamoring for the service for their listings.  In addition to doubling the recurring revenue from the warehouse, A-One Moving & Storage realizes additional business because they not only deliver stored goods, but they often handle the entire move.