The Internet has given us so many new words to add to our vocabulary. One of the latest, Infographic. They’ve been around for a very long time, think about the walls of a caveman’s domicile.  Today, they are very useful to not only convey information, but to drive traffic to your site and to build authority for your business.  So, here’s a quick explanation:

Infographic is a graphic, visual representation which helps the reader to understand a concept or concepts quickly without having to read a lot of copy.  In general, they compile a variety of data and information, sort it, arrange it and then present it visually to aid understanding.

We recently completed an Infographic for our client, PMG, which demonstrates the top-level tasks required to manage a multichannel direct marketing campaign.  PMG is a family of four separate, yet connected companies who help their clients with direct mail production, data processing, postal logistics and online campaigns. Each company needs to manage their area of expertise but be keenly aware of schedules and deliverables within all the others.

Helping their client understand independent tasks as well as those conducted simultaneously ensures the best response from all mediums and this Infographic helps simplify what can be a complex production schedule. Here’s the online version (which we also posted on their Facebook page).  In addition, we repurposed the graphic to a printed piece, used as a bag stuffer at an industry conference, which included the latest ad we designed for them.

Need help creating an Infographic for your company?  We can help.

Managing multichannel direct marketing campaigns infographic